My new Test for Page rank and Ranking

23 Dec

6 months ago, i think i can make good ranking then get amazing traffic, now i feel like is not that easy, 8 months passed after i working on my site full time, i think the best experience i got is focus on your content, which can really help your visitors, and keep them stay with you and let them create content for you, so far, i am getting 300 organic Google traffic, around 100 from Bing and Yahoo, and baidu is becoming send traffic my site Yzenith, i think this site will be down, because only recipes can not satisfy my visitors, and my Writing English very suck, i have no idea how to be successful, yesterday i found a article from Moz, they give me a new idea about how to operate SEO agency, but you need to know your post conversation rate, in another word, you may know which page can bring you the orders, then optimize or promote that page, then you can get best profit there.

I think this also works on my site, i need to find out which page will bring me the best bring or can satisfy my visitors, then think about how to optimize it or rank it on Google or other search engines. If this way works, i got be successful easier. Moz is the very professional website where you can understand SEO and take advantage of it, some of the authors are really famous and did some awesome work.

I found that get a partner is necessary, the webmaster of chinawhisper let me join his website and submit some articles, start with top 5 or top 10, that let me get more benefit from his website, could be easier to increase my page rank in the future, I never had a site with higher page rank than 1, so i guess page rank will totally change my traffic data, i am not sure it will let me site show up of traffic site, but could be easier get thousand traffic per day.

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