updates for my SEO report and become loving cooking

22 Dec

I found my ranking on Bing and Yahoo even Baidu get better and better than before, i think that because i am keeping update posts for more than one months, and add links to my other post, i do think that’s not worked for Google, that’s so wired, because some of my ranking are even dropped, like authentic Chinese recipes, and Chinese food blogs, i found if you want to have a successful website, it better to let visitor update your content or you write some useful and good reading contend, so they can keeping visit your blog, if you do Google AdSense, that will really can help you make some money.

Recently i find i am start loving cooking, the Chinese cooking method is simply, fry, steam and stew are the most used in Mainland China, i prefer fry so far, but for eggs, it’s better fried first then take out, and joined again in the end. the secret is add sugar and salt, soy sauce is another must have ingredients in Chinese kitchen, I do recommend 海天soy sauce, this one could contain sugar in it, which make my stir fry food very tasty, My wife tell me she like today’s luch so much, i plan to prepare stir fry Chinese cabbage and potatoes tomorrow.

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