Miss hometown

06 Dec

Miss hometown

I came to United States for 5 years, I really want to have my hometown’s food, the noodles and fry bread made by my gradepa, only little of them i can make here, but the feeling is different, the only food i feel successful is boiled mixing vegetables, although the vinegar is made by italy, but the taste is almost the same, so i make some photo and send to my father, who think i should be happy in United States, But i feed more sadness here, I am not sure i can happy if i go back to China, i am still complaining about my parents not help me in time when i look for my career in hotel, it do waste my time i think during that time. now i just feel plainful and sadness in my heart, there are so many peties in my life, i do want to clear all of them, or those are just happened in dream.

My friend want to have business recently but not easy, the broker seems playing some tricks, which i feel so much anger, and want to pay back for my friend, if all my guess is true, that guy is so bad, i feel the Chinese can only serveled by cheating in United States, a lot of people just live on cheating new one who just came to United States recently. what a shame, to be a nice people is so difficult.

I think i start to like cooking, but just for Chinese food, also pasta, western food, we have a very good restaurant nearby, they did very authentic japanese food, although i can not tell the difference between which is sushi. when we feel tired and want to change some taste, then we will go there, yesterday i just pay $40 dollars for the dinner, i get money from Rick, and i want to spend with my wife to celebrate. Those restaurant we go a lot think i am not real man, because i did not pay money for woman, now even i pay the money, but they still thank my wife not me.

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