Start training tomorrow

24 Nov

Just finished interview from a “IT” company, actually they did some services about telephone installation and outlook services, it seems i am not right person they are looking for, but i know a little about SEO, They are very interesting about that, Tomorrow will start training on their “IT” office, actually is their customer’s office, i think i need few bucks to buy some gifts to my wife and practice more on SEO, I am not sure this kind of SEO experience is fit for my Authentic Chinese Recipes blog or not, but i know one thing today, if you link out from the homepage ll your ranking should be dropped a little, my ranking Ancient Chinese Recipes dropped to 5th today, and yesterday, i add link for a blog directory site.

Today i met a problem, how to tell people you are good at SEO? how to prove it, Website? Ranking? but my website do brand new, i just update recently, i just consistent updated for 12 days, i think normally need to update 3 months to improve the page rank, but after active SSL, Google think my site become to a new site. i have to add new back links to URL with SSL, that make me a lot of headache, Why Google say SSL should be more trusted and will be get higher rank than URL without SSL? I really hope my site can be a tool to improve my SEO skills.

I am stopped the Bible Study, I feel deep sad from heart, it make me exhausted, So many things happened, I do need god’s help, but the reality is focus on your work and stop thinking that, I have to work harder and smarter to tell people i am useful.

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