Have been to US for 5 years, Why i still feel alone?

01 Aug

2009 I take flight from Beijing to NY, then to Miami, in that time, i know nothing, but United States is the most powerful country on the earth so far, I should learn something in there, I attending FIU‘s hospitality major for two year, my wife(we are not get married in that time) go to Dubai for working in the hotel, I do found a lot of american are really nice and they love helping people, and have very good attitude about enjoy life, in FIU, I feel painful, because i get suck English speaking and listing. So, maybe feel some unwelcome to Chinese, To be honest, all the people, they do not like Chinese, or they think china is bad, are because small part of Chinese, who came to USA just for make money, or have divorced in china, then came to here for another life, They maybe do not have enough language, most of them are poor, that’s not all Chinese, even the Chinese food in USA not all you see. There are so much traditional Chinese cuisine, Most of them in USA so far are come from South part of China, Like delivery China restaurant, Buffet, Cantonese Chinese restaurant. This make me open my website for introducing the Facts about China.

two year later my wife can come to FIU too, she take MBA course and have to full time study there, I have to take care her cost on life, although she can get scholarship only for all the course,have separated two years, we are going to strange, we think this is God’s help let us meeting again, in that period, we are not understanding each other, some times we thinking is that right to be together again? Now she found a job at Geico, I start to make a website as my business, but all things seems not same as we thought.

I also want to know what happening in China, in my hometown, maybe China have better environment for me, In this country, I am stranger, and feel alone.

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