I decide to make some post like dairy

29 Jul

I am tried to edit my personal site, I just hope i can have a lot of visitors and get some support, to be honest i wish i can live on my site, but in the fact, it could be not real, i have to find a job to make some money, or help people design some website, the worst feeling is when you know you can do it, but you did not catch that opportunity to finish it, then i feel regret.

I face the same situation about that, 3 month later, I found my worked title for my site, about china information, travelling to china, i can found a lot useful information about travel and food, culture, i decide to post them out, they should be useful, take example the great wall information, it’s good guide for people to visit great wall.

I will open my store later, at beginning, i wish Google Adsense can help, but now it’s so cheap to give a penis, i need more courage to do the business online, i get some good stuff, but there are little visitors so far, what should i do next? i am a man, i need to have money to be normal i can not rely on my wife all the time, that feeling so painful.

Another reason why i want to start dairy is to record my process to start my business, if i get success, maybe these dairy can help people.

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