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09 Jun

I have amazing free chinese recipes to hare

Cooking in Sens


You have to say that M. Parret has come a long way since I met him more than a dozen years ago.  He hasn’t changed really, but he will occasionally acknowledge that, perhaps, some Americans cook some things well.  In any case, that suspicious, what-bizarre-American-thing-has-she-made-now look is no longer present when I put food on the table.  Yes, yes, French is best, blah, blah, blah says Le Parret, but that doesn’t spoil his appetite 🙂


On the other hand, I, have always admired the simple, fresh, goodness of traditional French cuisine.  It reminds me of the meals my grandmother and mother made; food that not only is filling but also appealing to eye and tongue.


One of Tonio’s hunting friends gave him a lovely little “gigot” of roe deer and he gave it to me, hoping for lunch in the near future.  M. Parret does this too; “Here’s a little wild boar roast.  Should…

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