Choysum in Shrimp and Mushroom Sauce

22 May
Choysum in Shrimp and Mushroom Sauce

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zOld - Ang Sarap (A Tagalog word for "It's Delicious")

Choysum in Shrimp and Mushroom Sauce

You may had seen a lot of meat dishes in this blog (a lot of you have noticed it) but few vegetables that is because I only know few recipes that use vegetable as a main ingredient but that does not mean I don’t eat a lot of them I just repeat them more frequently and there’s no point re-posting it in this blog. I love meat, a lot! So the vegetables posted here definitely will be a hit with a lot of carnivores out there as they are full of flavour. I know vegetables are bit boring to cook and eat but if you give it a proper sauce and flavour I will bring out a different dimension to those healthy greens, like this one in particular, though most of us are used to dress cooked greens with oyster based sauce this one will be different as it will…

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