Working for hozio

I got hired by hozio SEO agency, they are very good on SEO at long island, they hope i can do some ranking jobs for their clients, but the guy who take care website building seems not continue work for them, so I spend four days to work on new website for clients, if they have 200 clients need website, that gonna kill me.

I notice my website ranked ancient chinese recipes very well, but during that time, I am not building that much back links, only making content, and I use content to do
anchor text, may be this is the reason why my ranking goes up, Google like new content, and it will give new content some credit.

Good to know this, but I can you continue make new recipes, there is limited time to do that site.

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Start to feel sad

  Brother sun visit us yesterday, we were told something about my depression, I can not control myself at all, I just feel sad and depression when I alive, how to overcome this problem, who can help me? I did try my best,

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My new Test for Page rank and Ranking

6 months ago, i think i can make good ranking then get amazing traffic, now i feel like is not that easy, 8 months passed after i working on my site full time, i think the best experience i got is focus on your content, which can really help your visitors, and keep them stay with you and let them create content for you, so far, i am getting 300 organic Google traffic, around 100 from Bing and Yahoo, and baidu is becoming send traffic my site Yzenith, i think this site will be down, because only recipes can not satisfy my visitors, and my Writing English very suck, i have no idea how to be successful, yesterday i found a article from Moz, they give me a new idea about how to operate SEO agency, but you need to know your post conversation rate, in another word, you may know which page can bring you the orders, then optimize or promote that page, then you can get best profit there.

I think this also works on my site, i need to find out which page will bring me the best bring or can satisfy my visitors, then think about how to optimize it or rank it on Google or other search engines. If this way works, i got be successful easier. Moz is the very professional website where you can understand SEO and take advantage of it, some of the authors are really famous and did some awesome work.

I found that get a partner is necessary, the webmaster of chinawhisper let me join his website and submit some articles, start with top 5 or top 10, that let me get more benefit from his website, could be easier to increase my page rank in the future, I never had a site with higher page rank than 1, so i guess page rank will totally change my traffic data, i am not sure it will let me site show up of traffic site, but could be easier get thousand traffic per day.

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updates for my SEO report and become loving cooking

I found my ranking on Bing and Yahoo even Baidu get better and better than before, i think that because i am keeping update posts for more than one months, and add links to my other post, i do think that’s not worked for Google, that’s so wired, because some of my ranking are even dropped, like authentic Chinese recipes, and Chinese food blogs, i found if you want to have a successful website, it better to let visitor update your content or you write some useful and good reading contend, so they can keeping visit your blog, if you do Google AdSense, that will really can help you make some money.

Recently i find i am start loving cooking, the Chinese cooking method is simply, fry, steam and stew are the most used in Mainland China, i prefer fry so far, but for eggs, it’s better fried first then take out, and joined again in the end. the secret is add sugar and salt, soy sauce is another must have ingredients in Chinese kitchen, I do recommend 海天soy sauce, this one could contain sugar in it, which make my stir fry food very tasty, My wife tell me she like today’s luch so much, i plan to prepare stir fry Chinese cabbage and potatoes tomorrow.

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Miss hometown

Miss hometown

I came to United States for 5 years, I really want to have my hometown’s food, the noodles and fry bread made by my gradepa, only little of them i can make here, but the feeling is different, the only food i feel successful is boiled mixing vegetables, although the vinegar is made by italy, but the taste is almost the same, so i make some photo and send to my father, who think i should be happy in United States, But i feed more sadness here, I am not sure i can happy if i go back to China, i am still complaining about my parents not help me in time when i look for my career in hotel, it do waste my time i think during that time. now i just feel plainful and sadness in my heart, there are so many peties in my life, i do want to clear all of them, or those are just happened in dream.

My friend want to have business recently but not easy, the broker seems playing some tricks, which i feel so much anger, and want to pay back for my friend, if all my guess is true, that guy is so bad, i feel the Chinese can only serveled by cheating in United States, a lot of people just live on cheating new one who just came to United States recently. what a shame, to be a nice people is so difficult.

I think i start to like cooking, but just for Chinese food, also pasta, western food, we have a very good restaurant nearby, they did very authentic japanese food, although i can not tell the difference between which is sushi. when we feel tired and want to change some taste, then we will go there, yesterday i just pay $40 dollars for the dinner, i get money from Rick, and i want to spend with my wife to celebrate. Those restaurant we go a lot think i am not real man, because i did not pay money for woman, now even i pay the money, but they still thank my wife not me.

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I think i like this part time job

This is the second day to training here, This is a IT company, they do network and telephones set up and much more, they are need internet marketing skill to promote their business, and i will get training about IT, real IT not just website things, The best thing is i have plenty of time to do my own things, i need to update my website, and personal blogs, i also need to track my keywords: authentic Chinese food recipes blog, and Ancient Chinese Recipes , SEO really take a lot of time, and the boss want to corporate with me about SEO service but how to charge the fees? in my experience, i need to working on the website for so long time to optimize, need to update articles, back links, and there are also plenty of small problem need to fix, the most headache one is SSL redirection. I do want to transfer all my back links to , but it will cause redirection loop.

I guess there will be 5-6 hours to work on personal stuffs, the first day, there are only few calls and emails to response, that guy who is my trainer is come from Shanghai, he is a real master of IT, Although there are 7 offices to handle, but there are only few problems happened. I like that and want to learn some basic skills, that could be good for future, I will introduce him to Geico if i do think he is a good man. It seems there are too many things to learn, but there do have plenty of time.

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Start training tomorrow

Just finished interview from a “IT” company, actually they did some services about telephone installation and outlook services, it seems i am not right person they are looking for, but i know a little about SEO, They are very interesting about that, Tomorrow will start training on their “IT” office, actually is their customer’s office, i think i need few bucks to buy some gifts to my wife and practice more on SEO, I am not sure this kind of SEO experience is fit for my Authentic Chinese Recipes blog or not, but i know one thing today, if you link out from the homepage ll your ranking should be dropped a little, my ranking Ancient Chinese Recipes dropped to 5th today, and yesterday, i add link for a blog directory site.

Today i met a problem, how to tell people you are good at SEO? how to prove it, Website? Ranking? but my website do brand new, i just update recently, i just consistent updated for 12 days, i think normally need to update 3 months to improve the page rank, but after active SSL, Google think my site become to a new site. i have to add new back links to URL with SSL, that make me a lot of headache, Why Google say SSL should be more trusted and will be get higher rank than URL without SSL? I really hope my site can be a tool to improve my SEO skills.

I am stopped the Bible Study, I feel deep sad from heart, it make me exhausted, So many things happened, I do need god’s help, but the reality is focus on your work and stop thinking that, I have to work harder and smarter to tell people i am useful.

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